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                 ATV/SXS RACES                           June 24, 2022

-Registration 4pm- 6pm in Fair Office

-hot laps start at 6pm

-driver meeting at 6:30pm

-$10 dollar racer entry fee

-$5 spectators fee

-Three lap times event in the Baja track

-$5 dollars for a rerace (best time is used)—class

    •13 & under need safety certificate and is limited to 250cc parents discretion 

    •0-250cc Atv/sxs

    •250-500cc ATV/SXS

    •500-1000cc AND/SXS

    •moded (changes other than tires) ATV/SXS

-50% payout to 1st in each class plus 4 spectator wristbands for Saturday grandstand.

-25% to 2nd and 3rd in each class plus 2 Saturday grandstand events

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