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Fair Info

Fair Office Open 

Wednesday, June 26 - 7am - 9pm

Thursday, June 27 - 9am - 9pm

Friday, June 28 -10am - 11pm

Saturday, June 29 - 10am - 11pm 

Sunday, June 30 - 10am-4pm

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Vendors and Buildings

Wedneday, June 26 - 7am - 9pm

Thursday, June 27 - 9am - 9pm

Friday, June 28 - 9am - 9pm

Saturday, June 29 -9 am - 9pm

Sunday, June 30 - 8am - 3pm 
** Unless noted otherwise below**

Daily Detailed Schedule Below

Parking & Admission


It is free to park around the outside of the fairgrounds, and at times will have limited parking available on site. 

FREE ADMISSION into the fairgrounds. The Grandstand Events charge admission. 

198 Main Street 

Pine River, MN 56474

2023 Schedule Of Events 


TUESDAY - JUNE 20, 2023

11AM-NOON    4H Club Projects Booth Set-Up                  4-H Building

12:30-1PM         Fashion Review (pending entries)             4-H Building

1 - 6 PM              4H Static Judging                                         4-H Building

6 PM                    Pet Show                                                         4-H Building

6- 8 PM               4H Horse Check-In                                       Animal Barns


WEDNESDAY - JUNE 21, 2023        

8 AM                   Horse Showcase Registration                     Horse Arena 

9 AM                   Horse Showcase                                             Horse Arena

1-7pm                  Open Class Exhibit Check In                       Open Class Office

1-9pm                 Commercial Vendor Setup 

6-8 PM                Animal Check-Ins                                          Animal Barns



THURSDAY - JUNE 22, 2023

7-9am                4-H & Open Class Livestock Check In      Animal Barns

7-9am                Open Class exhibit Check In                       Open Class Office

9am-9pm         Pine River Library Book Sale                        Commercial Bldg.

10 am                 4-H Poultry Show                                          Open Air Arena

9:30-11:30am   Open Class Judging                                      Open Class Office

12 pm                  All Exhibits in place                                     Open Class Office

12pm-7pm         Little Hands Farm Tour                               Little Hands Building

12 pm                  Exhibits and Commercial Buildings Open

1, 4 & 6pm          Farmer Phil Entertainment

3pm                     Dog Project Demonstration                        Open Air Arena

3pm                     Kid’s Exploring Agriculture Craft              Near Little Hands

4pm                     Midway Rides Open

4-9pm                 Lions Food Booth Open

4pm-Midnight  Beer Garden

4pm-8pm           Knockerball

6-10pm               Midway Armband Hours

6 until  Gone     "Moo & Brew" - Welcome Event                Beer Garden

6:30pm               Open Horse Show  (Registration 5-6pm)  Horse Arena

8:00pm               Aastonishing Sound - DJ                           Bandshell         

8:30pm               Exhibits and Commercial Building Closes


Friday June 23, 2023

9 am                   4-H General Livestock Show                      Open Air Arena

9am-9pm          Pine River Library Book Sale -                    Commercial Bldg.

11am                   Exhibits and Commercial Building Opens

11am                   Carnival Rides Open

11am-9pm         Lions Food Booth Open

11am-7pm         Little Hands Farm Tour                                Little Hands Building

12 pm-8pm        Knockerball

12pm-midnight Beer Garden Open

1, 3 & 5pm          Farmer Phil Entertainment

6-10pm               Midway Armband Hours

4:30 pm              Cornhole Registration                                  Beer Garden

6pm                     Rez Reporter Comedy Show                       Bandshell

6 pm                    Cornhole Tournament(4:30 Registration)      Beer Garden

7pm                     ATV & SXS Fun Run (Registration 4-6pm)     GrandStand Event

8:00pm              Ramona Fritz Band                                       Bandshell

9pm                     Exhibits and Commercial Building Closes


SATURDAY - JUNE 24, 2023

9am                    4-H Rabbit Show                                           Open Air Arena

9am-9pm          Pine River Library Book Sale                      Commercial Bldg.

11am                   Exhibits and Commercial Building opens

11am                   Midway Rides Open

11am-9pm         Lions Food Booth Open

11am-8pm         Little Hands Farm Tour                               Little Hands Building

12 pm-8pm        Knockerball

12pm-midnight Beer Garden Open

1  PM                    4H State Showcase Registration Meeting     4-H Office

1pm, 3pm, 5pm Farmer Phil
                Frank & Fran - Senior Band & Dance                      Don Smith Building

1pm                     Cass County Senior Recognition &           

                             Outstanding Senior Citizens Awards

1-5pm                 Midway Armbands Hours

1-4pm                 Safety Day                                                        Near Don Smith Building

4pm                    4H Premiere Showmanship                           Open Air Arena

5:00 pm              Kids games and Frying Pan Toss                 Near Little Hands Building

5:30pm               Brisket Dinner Sponsored by Minnesota Cattlemen's Association

                                           &  Cass County Farm Bureau

5:30pm               Announcement of Farm Family of the Year

                              &  Century Farm Award

6pm                      Cornhole Tournament(4:30 Registration)      Beer Garden

6:30pm               Baja Driver's Meeting

7pm                     Baja Rally Grandstand Event  (Adults $10, 6-12 $5, 5&under Free)

8:30-11:30pm   Flying Train Wreck                                           Bandshell

9pm                      Exhibits and Commercial building closes


SUNDAY - JUNE 25, 2023

8am-12pm          AYCE Pancake Breakfast                                           Lions Food Booth

9am-3pm           Pine River Library Book Sale                                     Commercial Bldg.

10am                   Exhibits and Commercial Building Open

12 PM                  4-H Awards Potluck and Ceremony                        Don Smith Building

                                       (Clean-Up Following Ceremony)    

3pm                     Commercial and Food Vendors Released

3pm                     Open Class Exhibits Released

4pm                     4H Exhibits Released

2022 premium book - final.pdf-12.png
2022 premium book - final.pdf-12.png
open class_quilts.jfif


  •   Department of Natural Resources Wall of Shame

  •   Safety Day- Fire trucks, First Responders, ATV Club, Snowmobile Club, Seat Belt simulator, NIXLE education, Fire Safety House and much more on Safety Awareness

  •   Live Bands Friday and Saturday nights!

  • We are also working on bike giveaways, coin scrambles for the kids, Medallion hunt, and an aquarium that we will be working with the MN DNR to stock with Mn Native fish.

  • These are only the new things that are coming so you can see why your sponsorship is appreciated and needed. Let’s make 2023 a great fair.

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