Get Involved - Volunteer!

Many Hands Makes for Light Work

Want to volunteer for an hour or a day or a week? 
We could use your help. Be part of a rewarding event and help the 4-Hers maintain a forum to exhibit their 4-H projects. All ideas and help are welcomed!

Volunteers are needed for many areas including but certainly not limited to

  • Judges & judging assistants,

  • Mc'ing opportunities

  • Assisting with events, entrance, etc.

  • Children's craft assistants,

  • Open class building volunteer host to help watch projects and provide assistance to fair visitors,

  • help with advertising, accounting, legal,

  • maintenance and much more!

Contact a Fairboard Member, Email or Send a Message to Volunteer!

September 19, 2022

Regular Meeting @ Backus Legion. Backus, MN

Annual Meeting
October 17, 2022

Annual Meeting @ Backus Legion. Backus, MN